Research Experience


Family Assessment in Alcohol Research Project; Palo Alto Veterans Administration Health Care System, 1995-1997

Principal Investigator, “Expression of Negative and Positive Events through Writing: Implications for Psychoneuroimmunology, Health, and Psychotherapy”

University of South Carolina, May, 1993-1994

Explored emotional expression, psychological interventions and psychotherapy. Explored relationships between stress, physical symptoms, health, and physiological reactivity.

Principal Investigator, Psychosocial Needs of Cancer Patients; University of South Carolina, 1993-1994

Researched psycho-oncology, including in obstetrics/gynecology, and developed wellness program for individuals at The Caring House.

Development of Adolescent Psychopathology Project, University of South Carolina,


Research Thesis, “Treating the Adult with Mild Head Injury: Establishing a Comprehensive Treatment Program Using Psychotherapy” University of South Carolina, 1991-1992

Developed holistic rehabilitative and psychological program for mildly head-injured adults.

Research Assistant, “Alcohol, Health, and Behavior Project”

University of Missouri, 1987-1989

Assistant for study investigating the development of alcoholism.

Principal Investigator, Independent Honors Thesis, “Knowledge of AIDS” study

University of Missouri, June, 1987- 1988; Chairperson: Kenneth J. Sher, Ph.D.

Investigated reproductive health and mental health behaviors, fear/knowledge of AIDS.