Every act of birth requires the courage to let go of something….

to let go eventually of all certainties, and to rely on one thing: one’s own power to be aware and respond; that is, one’s creativity. To be creative means to consider the whole process of life as a process of birth... Erich Fromm

About Us

Emergence promotes the health, development, and wellness of women, their children, and partners, Emergence is tailored to address the influential experiences and concerns occurring during the reproductive years.


Emergence provides brief and long-term professional services for women who are experiencing reproductive mental health concerns as well as to their infants, children, and partners. Services include: consultation, education, groups, group therapy, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis.


Mentoring Mothers Group
Every Monday (excluding holidays) 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Mills-Peninsula Medical Center
NO GROUP: January 16, February 20, May 28
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